<i>Keith Tennet</i> <i>Digital Media</i>
<i>Keith Tennet</i> <i>Digital Media</i>
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Keith Tennet Digital Media

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Self taught with an aim to promote, display and contribute in visual art in all its forms.

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What I Do:
A quick introduction of myself.

My work consists of photography, videography, design and computer software. Also web and email design including this web site design.

A promoter and advocate of nature and wildlife, as you may well realise browsing the site, including all aspects of landscape.

Site News:
The site is constantly changing with additions and modifications including a news page in the format of a blog.

The business is starting to grow, slow but maturing. Building the site has delayed things, plus Covid and other issues have definitely not helped. A Shop Page and a File Download Page has also been delayed but I will keep you up to date.

For any further information, please contact me or follow me on social media. If you wish to be added to a Newsletter please click

Photo: Sedgefield Wildlfower Garden 07/07/21



From mid week the weather here has improved dramatically. Warm, clear blue sunny skies and even at times fairly hot. Temperature exceeded 25C while slighlty south in North Yorkshire, the temperature nearly reached 30C

The heat has brought the insects out too. Certain garden bird species has seen their numbers droped due to the abundance of insects. Photos are of dragonflies at RSPB Saltholme.

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Moments Collected This Month:
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It has looked more and more like summer during the past week. The temperatures have steadily increased with very little cloud, no rain, in fact relatively wall to wall sunshine. The forecast is to stay relatively good till weekending 25th. It may not be as good
as it has been but it should be overall a decent week.
At Hardwick Park this past week, warning notices have being deployed at various points of the park indicating there is now 24 hour security and surveillance in the area. Hopefully
this will reduce or even stop the amount of vandalism that has occurred this past year.

Mindfulness Moment

A short film of a quiet and peaceful few moments in a typical garden.

Audio Moments Collected This Month:
Ceddesfield Hall Birds

Audio recorded 07th July 2021 at the rear of Ceddesfield Hall, Sedgefield.
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Coming Soon This Summer:

  • Macro Photography
  • Macro Film
  • Poster Designs
  • Poster Prints

Coming Soon - Purchase Later This Year:

  1. Bird Calendar 2022
  2. Sedgefield Calendar 2022
  3. Landscape Prints
  4. Wildlife Prints

Also Available - Enquiries Welcome:

  • Photo Restoration
  • Digital Photo Enlargement
  • B&W to Colour Restoration
  • Photo Manipulation

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