Sunday Garden Visitors



Updated  19/05/2019


After a decent week of weather, at least till Thursday, temperatures have dropped, cloud increased and rain fell on Saturday. At least welcome for gardens and fields. Slightly warmer today, Sunday.


Work all but finished on my sister site, Zenfolio Shop and Portfolio: site is here. Just a few minor tweaks needed.


Photo: Rape fields.



Updated 19/05/2019


Starlings! A clever bird, but irritating. The most irritating garden bird used to be  wood-pigeons, now its starlings. While I call wood-pigeons  the Billy Bunter's of the bird world, starlings are the locusts. Any food, whether large or small, placed in the garden for the smaller birds, including blackbirds, disappears almost immediately by a squadron of these greasy coated birds. Annoying to say the least.


Swallows have returned over the past week. Sparrows are also back in the garden along with two fledgling robins spotted during this week. Tits and finches are too starting to return.


Photo: Chaffinch



Updated  19/05/2019


Weather:  Today Sunny intervals, occasional heavy cloud & light rain.


Netherlands won Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night.


Sunderland will play Charlton Athletic in the 1st Division Play Off final at Wembley on Sunday 26th May.  Winner will be promoted to the Championship.


Photo: From previous Medieval Fayre