Keith  Tennet

Art is created in many forms.  The Brush, Pencil & Paper  the oldest format. Now digital versions are popular. Photography & Photoshop are one. Design another. We like Illustrator, even with the pencil tool. Film, Premiere and it's sister After Effects also. Many more are out there.

Express oneself with Art.



That went quick didn't it. Yes, unfortunately the holiday period is almost over for another year. Now into 2019 and before anything else, I wish you all the very best for the coming year. Let us hope peace and goodwill will prevail.


Not knowing what is on the horizon this year is sometimes better than knowing, so best to take each day as it materializes.



Weather and Wildlife.


At times cold and especially windy, but no snow as yet. Rain too, but again not too bad. It's the wind, if anything, that has caused any problems. Some damage in some parts.


Wildlife is disappointing again. Birds have not replaced those that flew to pastures new in late summer. In previous years flocks have normally replaced those that left. Sparrowhawk still a weekly visit although it leaves disappointed too. The odd finch, tit, blackbird, robin and wren make the odd visit, but although food readily available, they do not stay for long. Food must still be available in the countryside.




2019 Calendar Photo's

A selection of photos taken from both the Sedgefield and Durham Bird Calendars.