Keith  Tennet

Art is created in many forms.  The Brush, Pencil & Paper are one of the oldest versions. Now digital formats are popular. Photography & Photoshop are one. Design another. We like Illustrator, even with the pencil tool. Film, Premiere and it's sister After Effects too. Many more are out there.  Express yourself with Art.



Updated 17/03/2019

Well the winds and rain have decided to die down after a wind and rain battering week. It is cold though today, Sunday, but the forecast for the coming week, if correct, is for warmer climes.


Nothing dramatic has happened locally. Luckily, even the bad weather did not cause any major damage, except for some roads that have being ladened with rain.


Photo: Stormy seas, Hartlepool



Updated 17/03/2019


A few more birds seen today. Chaffinches, blue tits, blackbirds and the possibility of the sparrowhawk again; flew too quick through garden to be sure.


More lambs seen in nearby fields. For the time of the year, the numbers seem to be a lot more this year. Good to see though.


No signs of frogs or hedgehogs, but before this weeks bad weather the odd bee and small white butterfly was seen.


Photo: Lamb