Garden Dahlias




Updated 09/08/2019


Well tomorrow is the 166th Sedgefield Annual Show. Unfortunately, at this moment in time, the weather may not be that promising, although it is better than the forecast 24 hours ago. Sunny and showers, some heavy, moderate breeze is now the forecast.


The past week has seen heavy rain in places, with the odd bit of thunder, including today. Still moderately warm, especially when the sun comes out, and humid.


Photo: Past show events.



Updated 09/08/2019


Bird visits still remain high. At times it is very hard to calculate numbers. Tits especially have been prominent visitors to the garden, including regular visits by a pair of bullfinches and numerous chaffinches, goldfinches, greenfinches, plus robins, blackbirds, sparrows and dunnocks.


Frogs too have been commonly heard and now spotted this week.


Photo: Past show events.



Updated  02/08/2019


Weather:  Sunny periods and frequent showers, some heavy and thundery all weekend.


Saturday 10th: the 166th Sedgefield Annual Show takes place.



Photo: Past show events.