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Opening Store on Monday.


It's the 1st November so it is not surprising it is cold this morning. Very cold in fact. A fairly strong northernly breeze is making it worse too. I just wish it wasn't cold. I'm becoming very soft.

No news at the moment from the printers on a delivery date for the Sedgefield Calendars. Hopefully see later this afternoon if any update.

Web Store

So far all is still working tip top with the web store. Now just have to wait for the Sedgefield Calendar to arrive. Date from printers state expected delivery November 5th. Hopefully no later.


Thursday is Teesside Park Day. What makes it worse is when it's cold, grey and breezy.

Back at work, the Web Store is coming along nicely now after I succeeded in rectifying software problems. Hopefully up and running soon.

Below: Teeside Park

Teeside Park Sheep

Problem's, problem's.

Spent time all day today, at least till this minute, sorting out 2022 Calendar's rather than sorting Web Store out. Just when I was winning with the payment section software on my web store, I discover a printing error with the 2022 Sedgefield Calendar. So it's back to the printers to order a new batch. At least the 2022 Bird Calendars are ok and will be ready to purchase in the next few days.

Bird Calendar Cover

Web Store Next Stage

Today is the start of the final leg of my Web Store. Awkward till now, even more from today. It's the Payments Page today to sort out. Have dreaded this but will have a go. Wish me luck.

New Web Site

Repeating that said on Home Page, I have managed to update Web Site and uploaded. Many additions are to be added later including a Store and Workshop Page/Link.

Also managed to clear garage. Only took a month to do although plenty of rubbish still needs to be removed to tip. Walks are back on the agenda again but these too are limited due to time scale and other reasons.

On social media platforms I confirmed on October 1st, due to personal reasons, the end of my gas appliance maintenance business of Gascom after 33 years. This has given me the time to start a new business called Keith Tennet Digital. Business will include photography, film, design, art, etc., but mainly purchases online. Please subscribe to my Newsletter.

Photo: Hardwick Park yesterday morning

Hardwick Park trees

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