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Having issues since Wednesday. PayPal authorised a payment to GoDaddy relating to my domain name. No reminder otherwise I would have cancelled it. Now trying to get money back but having difficulty. Will persist.

Web Store

Software problems with the Web Store is sorted I hope, so now in the process of finalising and tidying up. So, without a major disaster happening, it should be open and running on Monday morning.


Problem again. When you've deleted something and you shouldn't have on the server. What's worse don't no what I deleted.

So a delay in finalising the Web Store is now in place. Hopefully finished ASAP.

Web Work - cont.

After a morning out, taken up for personal reasons at Gateshead, back now continuing on designing and software work to be applied to web store. The date is still valid for all to be completed by the end of this weekend.

Weather not good here this afternoon. Decent morning but rain is falling made worse by a breeze and falling temperature. It is now Autumn now, so to be expected.


Still on with Web Store. On with the individual Calendar Photos for the store which is time consuming.

While at kitchen sink at midday, watched 7 goldfinches on feeders before a male sparrow hawk dived in. Luckily for the goldfinches they managed to fly off unharmed.For the next 25 minutes the sparrow hawk sat waiting before flying off empty handed.

Working web store

As soon as able today it is back on the computer, continuing with web store. Slowly but surely it will be hopefully available by Monday.

Autumn colours

Working on store.

Time over the last two days has taken up by working on the web software to build a store. Unfortunately every corner resulted in probelms but as from last night a breakthrough. S hopefully it may be fully available sometime over the weekend.

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