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Very cold but clear blue skies at the moment. Decided to stay in and do exercises at home rather than a walk. I'm definitely getting soft.

A lot colder.

Past week in general, though I thought otherwise, the temperature outside has been above average. This morning I suspect it is below average. It feels it anyway as the breeze that is suspected to pick up during the day, is coming from the artic. Through daylight hours the expected temperature will be between 3C - 7C.

Picture: The Twisted Tree at East Park, Sedgefield.



Very first thing this morning the weather looked beautiful. Even warmish. Now more cloud has arrive, darker and feels cooler. Well, could be worse I suppose. Photo: pumpkins on tree log.



Felt the cold this morning and it's only mid November. What's it going to be like when it gets really cold and the snow starts falling. I can see myself like a big teddy bear wearing umpteen jumpers and coats to keep warm.

StEdmunds Church, Sedgefield


Good job I went out this morning. Turning dark, colder and a persistent drizzle at the moment.

StEdmund Church & grounds.

Fresh morning.

A cold, frosty, sunny and fresh morning. Walk was nice though. Even saw a ladybird …….. in November!

Harlequin Ladybird

Cold n' busy.

Too busy to walk today. At least busy I forget about the cold. Getting old and moaning too much.

Weather not bad this morning. Slightly more cloud than yesterday against the blue sky with minute drifts of drizzle appearing now and then. Still relatively cold.

A bit of exercise at home rather than a walk this morning before continue working on computer.


It's the 1st November so it is not surprising it is cold this morning. Very cold in fact. A fairly strong northernly breeze is making it worse too. I just wish it wasn't cold. I'm becoming very soft.

No news at the moment from the printers on a delivery date for the Sedgefield Calendars. Hopefully see later this afternoon if any update.

Miserable Weather

It's looking a bit awful outside from my window this morning. Strong breeze, low cloud, damp, fairly dark mixed with the odd spit of rain. Oh I forgot, leaves falling like snow. A day definitely staying at home.

Web Work - cont.

After a morning out, taken up for personal reasons at Gateshead, back now continuing on designing and software work to be applied to web store. The date is still valid for all to be completed by the end of this weekend.

Weather not good here this afternoon. Decent morning but rain is falling made worse by a breeze and falling temperature. It is now Autumn now, so to be expected.

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