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Hardwick Park

Blue skies first thing this morning but following a very hard frost so fairly cold. Walked to and around Hardwick Park and found it quiet. Found a number of areas where birds stating to build their nests including a pair of swans.
Photo: Swan nest building Hardwick Park



Pushed myself to have an hour plus walk again this morning, even though the weather was very wet, drizzle come rain and the ground in places I new would be boggy. Not surprisingly there were not many walkers today.

Morning walk

Decided to go for a walk this morning even though the skies were grey and still a cold breeze threatened you. The couple of hundred sheep in East Park decided to move fields while I walked towards them. The noise was vibrant and at times all stood and stared angrily at me. One in particular took a fancy to me following me through the dividing field gate.



Managed to copy all the cine films to digital files yesterday, so decided to have a day off from the garage and had a walk, the first one for some time, to Hardwick Park. So cold I nearly turned back but forced myself to continue. The wind bitter this morning.

Photo: Hardwick Park

A cold Hardwick Park morning

Walk no Garage

Decided to have time off from working in the garage due to so tired. Pushed myself to do a morning walk instead to Hardwick Park and back. Very cold morning again especially with a strong northerly breeze blowing.


Hardwick Walk

Decided in the end to have a quick walk, ending to Hardwick Park again. Very cold and surprisingly relatively busy there including a number of school/nursery groups.

The sunny accentuated the colours in the leaves that's left on the trees.

Hardwick Park walk in Autumn

Decent Walk

Cold morning but bright and dry. Decided to go for a quick walk to Hardwick Park and back & take some photos before attempting email & Post software. Park was fairly quite between 09:00 -10:00.Serpentine, Hardwick Park, Sedgefield


A pleasant autumn day this morning, with a fresh breeze, fairly bright and importantly dry.

Hardwick Park was busy too as I forgot the schools are off. Geese noise was profound on the lake with numbers increasing as I walked nearby. Never witnessed in 30 years both the numbers and the activity these last few weeks.

Hradwick Park Elvet's Chair


Decided to have a quick break from the computer first thing this morning, completing a walk to Hardwick and back. Fairly quiet as well outside, possibly due to the cold weather and grey skies.

AT the entrance to Hardwick Hotel, left of the main entrance and drive, notice a lot of fungi amongst the grass. Some where damaged, trodden on I suspect, but some impressive ones. Called Spooky Inkcap, common more down south. Picture below.

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