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My Web Store page is now open. You can purchase one of two calendars now available.

Web Store Next Stage

Today is the start of the final leg of my Web Store. Awkward till now, even more from today. It's the Payments Page today to sort out. Have dreaded this but will have a go. Wish me luck.


Still on with Web Store. On with the individual Calendar Photos for the store which is time consuming.

While at kitchen sink at midday, watched 7 goldfinches on feeders before a male sparrow hawk dived in. Luckily for the goldfinches they managed to fly off unharmed.For the next 25 minutes the sparrow hawk sat waiting before flying off empty handed.

Web Store

Steadily though slowly made another milestone in building a Web Store. Today was inserting of my own code into parts of the customisation part of the software.

Hopefully, I mean hopefully, it will be up and ready sometime this week or over the weekend.

Delay in Store Opening

Yes. Unfortunately another delay in the store opening. Just slow and perfecting the design. Will be definitely opening this week or the latest at the weekend. (Photo: Swamps of Hardwick Park)

Hardwick Everglades

Working web store

As soon as able today it is back on the computer, continuing with web store. Slowly but surely it will be hopefully available by Monday.

Autumn colours

Working on store.

Time over the last two days has taken up by working on the web software to build a store. Unfortunately every corner resulted in probelms but as from last night a breakthrough. S hopefully it may be fully available sometime over the weekend.

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