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Very cold.

Another very cold morning. Freezing in fact, plus it feels even colder than yesterday. Very icy underfoot, care needed while walking on the paths. Still snow lying, especially in the fields and park.

Tree debris on Hardwick Park path.

After the storm


We had more snow during late Saturday night, early Sunday morning with the odd shower during the day. Extremely cold too that left the paths and roads very slippery. The cold weather has persisted all day with only a little bit of the snow thawing.

At East Park and Hardwick Park in particular, a number of trees are damaged or blown over following Storm Arwen. At Hardwick Park restrictions are in place on a number of paths.
Below: West Park Lane, Sedgefield

After the storm and snow

Storm Damage

An extremely windy night that kept me awake most of the time. Still very windy this morning and have witnessed some damage including most of a tree falling on Durham Road, Sedgefield that was partially closed. Wind is forecast to be strong until 18:00 today, then a warning of ice until 11:00 Sunday. Happy times. Better to stay in I think.

Durham Road tree damage.

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