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Having an additional restful day after a few weeks of are graft in the garage. A bit run down.

Garage rest day due to cold

Managed to install door handle and lock yesterday to the garage partition wall. Hopefully all the awkward work is now complete. It is taking a long time and at times tiresome, anxious and worrying. So, due to this, having the weekend off again and hopefully rest my aching limbs.

Garage Day 13

Had a 3.5 mile walk yesterday with no issues.

Today at home and may have a few hours back in the garage later. Very cold morning so may wait till temperature rises a little.

Day off.

Still not 100% so garage work out of bounds at the moment. Hopefully feel better tomorrow.


May have a quiet day. Still recovering from last week.

Day off Part 2

It's Sunday and Sunday is a day of rest. So Im told. Need it really, since still fairly tired and aching in places I did not know. Photo: Rhue Lighthouse


Day off.

Just to say, "Day Off". Feeling extremely tired and aching profusely after week in garage. Managed to fix door yesterday, in a fashion, so pleased with weeks work.

Day off.

Having to have today as a day of rest. Shattered after yesterday in the garage. Struggled to install two sheets of plasterboard and insulation to the ceiling. Struggled and shattered the operative words. Hopefully better tomorrow.

First Monday of 2022

The first full week of 2022. Many people comment, me included, the first few weeks of a new year always seems depressing. Forcing my attitude to be much more positive. And away ……….

What day is it?

Yes, what day is it? Always confusing at this time of the year when you have a number of 3 Bank Holidays during a 8 day period. Even worse when they land on a weekend.

I've now completed the 2021 bird count. Totals are on the Home page.

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a bright, happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous start to 2022.

Deciding to have a quieter weekend and recover over the past few days in the garage before a start again on Monday.

Nearly over.

Nearly here, the end of another year. Any better this year? For me yes, considering. Certain things a lot better, some the same and others worse. At least we can look forward to 2022. I hope.

Garage day

I was going to start on preparing the garage to start the split wall today but took too long ordering the materials. Plus, although the weather forecast stated it would get warmer today, the cold has maintained all day. Wind has also picked up. Rain has continued all day along with the grey dreary skies, almost to the condition of mist forming.

Photo: Grey skies all day


Another Quiet Day

Looking now I'm to have a much quieter week …… I've decided now. Stuck on planning the garage due to the cost. Worked out yesterday how expensive it may be so now wondering to cut corners or just go for it. So …….. taking it easy due to the stress!


Decided to have a quiet day, planning the materials required for the next project of splitting the garage to make a work room. The dull damp misty weather is not inviting either to boost spirits up so one of those unproductive days I'm sure.

Boxing Day

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas Day. Quiet here which is good. No white Christmas but there was a dusting of snow this morning at sunrise. Most of it disappeared within a couple of hours followed by rain showers. Looks likely it will persist for most of the day accompanied by a very cold easterly breeze.


I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas. We all certainly deserve one. This time last year I would not have imagined we would all be in the same predicament a year on. Make the most of life and be happy. Merry Christmas to all.


On Tuesday, after 16.5 years, my Citroen Dispatch has gone to pastures new - it did not like parked on the drive for last 18 months. Sad to see it go. Also, just thought this morning, that after 32 years this is the first time I have not had a van.



Deciding today to sell my van or not. Thought long enough and long and hard, so today is the day and it will ease my mind.

Costco Wrong

Back to business this week. First job this morning though is to return printer ink to a shop. They gave me the wrong selection of B&W and Colour. Unfortunately I opened before realising but the receipt specifies my correct choice.



Deciding this morning whether to put up Christmas tree lights or will I get wrong of the powers of be. Naw, will put them up. At least have a start.


Quiet day. Popped out to Mainsgill, North Yorkshire this morning, just to spend a few hours out the house. Back home completing NHS - Imperial College London - MORI, Covid Survey. Need a degree to understand how to fabricate and post Return Box Packaging. All done now await results.

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