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Very cold.

Another very cold morning. Freezing in fact, plus it feels even colder than yesterday. Very icy underfoot, care needed while walking on the paths. Still snow lying, especially in the fields and park.

Tree debris on Hardwick Park path.

After the storm


We had more snow during late Saturday night, early Sunday morning with the odd shower during the day. Extremely cold too that left the paths and roads very slippery. The cold weather has persisted all day with only a little bit of the snow thawing.

At East Park and Hardwick Park in particular, a number of trees are damaged or blown over following Storm Arwen. At Hardwick Park restrictions are in place on a number of paths.
Below: West Park Lane, Sedgefield

After the storm and snow

Storm Damage

An extremely windy night that kept me awake most of the time. Still very windy this morning and have witnessed some damage including most of a tree falling on Durham Road, Sedgefield that was partially closed. Wind is forecast to be strong until 18:00 today, then a warning of ice until 11:00 Sunday. Happy times. Better to stay in I think.

Durham Road tree damage.

Check Up

Spending the morning at NHS North Tees Hospital having valves and pistons checked.

Newsletter 004

Today is therefore spent morning at Thursday Teeside Park day. Starting to get busier as weeks moving to Christmas. Why, I don't know.

Back at home, finishing off Newsletter 004 before emailing to customers. If you wish to subscribe to Newsletter please click here.


Quiet day. Popped out to Mainsgill, North Yorkshire this morning, just to spend a few hours out the house. Back home completing NHS - Imperial College London - MORI, Covid Survey. Need a degree to understand how to fabricate and post Return Box Packaging. All done now await results.


Cold again and decided, like yesterday, to stay in and do exercises. I did pop to the Sainsbury's only to re-pressurise car tyres, but things did not go to plan. New card machine did not like me. Had to call for help to which the staff very helpful and sorted it out.

At home I found a B&W photo of Winterton hospital and decided to have a go at applying colour to it. Took an hour or so and the result below.

Winterton BW-Convert


Very cold but clear blue skies at the moment. Decided to stay in and do exercises at home rather than a walk. I'm definitely getting soft.

A lot colder.

Past week in general, though I thought otherwise, the temperature outside has been above average. This morning I suspect it is below average. It feels it anyway as the breeze that is suspected to pick up during the day, is coming from the artic. Through daylight hours the expected temperature will be between 3C - 7C.

Picture: The Twisted Tree at East Park, Sedgefield.

The twisted tree

It's Friday

Yes, it's Friday and all I can say is, where did the week go?

Secondly, it maybe Friday but working from home may have it's benefits but you tend to work late and work weekends. So no rest for me again this weekend.


Very first thing this morning the weather looked beautiful. Even warmish. Now more cloud has arrive, darker and feels cooler. Well, could be worse I suppose. Photo: pumpkins on tree log.

Halloween Pumpkins

Hardwick Walk

Decided in the end to have a quick walk, ending to Hardwick Park again. Very cold and surprisingly relatively busy there including a number of school/nursery groups.

The sunny accentuated the colours in the leaves that's left on the trees.

Hardwick Park walk in Autumn

Cold Again.

Yes , another cold morning but I haven't seen any frost. There is an appointment arranged this morning, so as yet not sure what I am to do. See what the day holds.


Felt the cold this morning and it's only mid November. What's it going to be like when it gets really cold and the snow starts falling. I can see myself like a big teddy bear wearing umpteen jumpers and coats to keep warm.

StEdmunds Church, Sedgefield

Covid Jab

A rough 24 hours, especially last night, following yesterdays booster jab. Arm and side ached constantly and suffered cold shivers like wobbly jelly. Slightly feeling better this morning.


Had the covid booster jab this morning. Seemed the whole of Sedgefield was there before 09:00 this morning. It was packed. Well done to all those involved providing the service.


Good job I went out this morning. Turning dark, colder and a persistent drizzle at the moment.

StEdmund Church & grounds.


Sent out Newsletter 003 today. It's been 2 months since last one due to the addition of new software that was slightly more difficult than expected.

Managed to have a quick walk too round the village this morning. Did not go far as the weather forecast did not look promising. Wasn't too bad though.


A very active hour in the garden this morning of various species of birds. Coal Tits, great tits, chaffinches, greenfinches, the odd goldfinch which are down from last month, a robin and for the first time in a few months groups of fighting blackbirds and starlings.

What's Happened SAFC

Sunderland AFC got beat yet again last night. Fifth game on the trot now. There is something definitely up at the moment. From the highs earlier in the year to the sudden drop in form, questions need to be addressed.


My Web Store page is now open. You can purchase one of two calendars now available.


Having a slightly quieter day today., or at least trying too. No walks today either today.

Weather slightly better than yesterday. At least the wind has dropped significantly. Fed the birds and that is as much activity I have done apart from sitting at the computer.


Opening Store on Monday.

Fresh morning.

A cold, frosty, sunny and fresh morning. Walk was nice though. Even saw a ladybird …….. in November!

Harlequin Ladybird

Cold n' busy.

Too busy to walk today. At least busy I forget about the cold. Getting old and moaning too much.

Weather not bad this morning. Slightly more cloud than yesterday against the blue sky with minute drifts of drizzle appearing now and then. Still relatively cold.

A bit of exercise at home rather than a walk this morning before continue working on computer.

Decent Walk

Cold morning but bright and dry. Decided to go for a quick walk to Hardwick Park and back & take some photos before attempting email & Post software. Park was fairly quite between 09:00 -10:00.Serpentine, Hardwick Park, Sedgefield


It's the 1st November so it is not surprising it is cold this morning. Very cold in fact. A fairly strong northernly breeze is making it worse too. I just wish it wasn't cold. I'm becoming very soft.

No news at the moment from the printers on a delivery date for the Sedgefield Calendars. Hopefully see later this afternoon if any update.

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