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Birthday so having another day off from working in the garage. Best birthday present, SAFC sacking Lee Johnson. Many due to the humiliating defeat at Bolton on Saturday and him not addressing issues at half time.
After last nights storm a tile has broken and slipped down our roof.


It's Sunday so having a day off. Spent yesterday in the garage again and following Friday's work deeply shattered today. Cound of slept till Monday. After SAFC drubbing yesterday as well, beaten by mid table Bolton 6:0, all I wanted was to hide under the bed sheets. Should sack the so called tactician (Useless Tactician is an understatement) but they won't.



Having issues since Wednesday. PayPal authorised a payment to GoDaddy relating to my domain name. No reminder otherwise I would have cancelled it. Now trying to get money back but having difficulty. Will persist.

Back to grind

Day off yesterday but back in garage today.



A day off from the garage. Morning till midday at the Metro Centro. Fairly quiet. Possibly the quietest Wednesday I've seen the car park. A1m was manic again with some bad driving. Maybe covid has damaged some peoples brains but definitely seems odd. Photo" Metro Car.


Garage Day 15 - I think

Took my time yesterday in the garage and felt okay, so another day in today. Waiting a little due to the cold, freezing fog and dampness around.


Garage Day

Although not feeling like it I am going to work in the garage today for a few hours. Still relatively tired. The quicker its finished the more I can continue my other objectives.
Photo:Hardwick Hotel



Having an additional restful day after a few weeks of are graft in the garage. A bit run down.

Garage rest day due to cold

Managed to install door handle and lock yesterday to the garage partition wall. Hopefully all the awkward work is now complete. It is taking a long time and at times tiresome, anxious and worrying. So, due to this, having the weekend off again and hopefully rest my aching limbs.

Garage Day 13

Had a 3.5 mile walk yesterday with no issues.

Today at home and may have a few hours back in the garage later. Very cold morning so may wait till temperature rises a little.

Day off.

Still not 100% so garage work out of bounds at the moment. Hopefully feel better tomorrow.

Walk no Garage

Decided to have time off from working in the garage due to so tired. Pushed myself to do a morning walk instead to Hardwick Park and back. Very cold morning again especially with a strong northerly breeze blowing.


Garage-WorkStore Day 12

Spent yesterday in the garage. Started installing one side of the plasterboard on the wall. May get the wall finished by the end of the day. Cold morning though. A hard frost.


May have a quiet day. Still recovering from last week.

Day off Part 2

It's Sunday and Sunday is a day of rest. So Im told. Need it really, since still fairly tired and aching in places I did not know. Photo: Rhue Lighthouse


Day off.

Just to say, "Day Off". Feeling extremely tired and aching profusely after week in garage. Managed to fix door yesterday, in a fashion, so pleased with weeks work.

Garage-WorkStore Day 10

Most of the frame work now complete. Hopefully finish that today and install the door. Hope!

Garage-WorkStore Day 9

After moving everything again in the garage to gain access to proposed wall area, I managed to get part of a frame work up by 17:00. Hopefully a bit easier working in the garage today. Well I can hope so.

Garage-WorkStore Day 8

Tired but ceiling is now up. Very tired but starting on wall today.

Garage-WorkStore Day 7

Another day in the garage. I believe the hardest part of the ceiling now finished with some smaller areas to be completed. Feel shattered.

Garage-WorkStore Day 6

Although still extremely tired after Saturday's work, I am in the progress of maybe having a few hours in the garage today. Still feeling rough though.

Day off.

Having to have today as a day of rest. Shattered after yesterday in the garage. Struggled to install two sheets of plasterboard and insulation to the ceiling. Struggled and shattered the operative words. Hopefully better tomorrow.

Garage Day5

Delivery of wood and plaster board arrived yesterday so hopefully can proceed to do the installation work. Removed the old fluorescent light assembly yesterday and repositioned and fitted a new light point. Not tested yet. Also it will help fitting the ceiling boards.

Garage Day Part 2 Day 3

Received a phone call yesterday morning from B&Q saying that there would be no delivery due to an accident to their lorry. Earliest revisit Friday. That blew my progress. Gave me time to go to Stockton, pick up fittings and fit garage radiator. See what turns up today. The internal garage door should arrive but as yet no time indicated.

Garage work cont. 2

Not a good night. Woke up at 03:00 and difficult to regain sleep.

First impression on a text received at 07:00 was B&Q now not coming till tomorrow but on re-examine it turns out it is the delivery of a door. So, fingers crossed mats still arriving today.

Garage work cont.

Continuing to work in the garage today. Going to be cold as temperature has dropped dramatically overnight with a hard frost. Getting ready for tomorrows delivery of wood and plasterboard from B&Q.

First Monday of 2022

The first full week of 2022. Many people comment, me included, the first few weeks of a new year always seems depressing. Forcing my attitude to be much more positive. And away ……….

What day is it?

Yes, what day is it? Always confusing at this time of the year when you have a number of 3 Bank Holidays during a 8 day period. Even worse when they land on a weekend.

I've now completed the 2021 bird count. Totals are on the Home page.

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a bright, happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous start to 2022.

Deciding to have a quieter weekend and recover over the past few days in the garage before a start again on Monday.

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