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Nearly over.

Nearly here, the end of another year. Any better this year? For me yes, considering. Certain things a lot better, some the same and others worse. At least we can look forward to 2022. I hope.

Garage day

I was going to start on preparing the garage to start the split wall today but took too long ordering the materials. Plus, although the weather forecast stated it would get warmer today, the cold has maintained all day. Wind has also picked up. Rain has continued all day along with the grey dreary skies, almost to the condition of mist forming.

Photo: Grey skies all day


Another Quiet Day

Looking now I'm to have a much quieter week …… I've decided now. Stuck on planning the garage due to the cost. Worked out yesterday how expensive it may be so now wondering to cut corners or just go for it. So …….. taking it easy due to the stress!


Decided to have a quiet day, planning the materials required for the next project of splitting the garage to make a work room. The dull damp misty weather is not inviting either to boost spirits up so one of those unproductive days I'm sure.

Boxing Day

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas Day. Quiet here which is good. No white Christmas but there was a dusting of snow this morning at sunrise. Most of it disappeared within a couple of hours followed by rain showers. Looks likely it will persist for most of the day accompanied by a very cold easterly breeze.


I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas. We all certainly deserve one. This time last year I would not have imagined we would all be in the same predicament a year on. Make the most of life and be happy. Merry Christmas to all.


Another cold day although the weather forecast indicated it to be warmer day. Still damp with heavy mist so no change there. This must be at least 7 days now we've had very damp mist.

Visited Trimdon Grange this morning. Roads busy and the local supermarket and meat wholesalers seemed packed.

Home Work.

Still busy and will be to after the new year at least. Limited to what I can do due to the garage not finished so as yet no heating to fulfil. Still suffering from Fridays very cold day in the garage. I have had to move back into the house and start creating here instead but limited to space. This the reason that things are going slow. More to follow………

Home Work.

Still very busy at home and garage. Up at 05:30 this morning preparing for a delivery. Also designing material for mugs so no time to venture out for phots or shopping.

COld & Damp

I was going to continue working in the garage today but after yesterdays freezing weather and today looking and feeling not much better, I've decided to work on computer projects. Managed to finish the electrical job in the garage yesterday but had to stop other work at 17:00 due to the cold. See how it goes today and the weather tomorrow before planning anything else.

Gardage work.

Starting this morning modifying the garage today. The end result will be splitting the garage in two, one half storing materials the other utilising it into a mini studio.


On Tuesday, after 16.5 years, my Citroen Dispatch has gone to pastures new - it did not like parked on the drive for last 18 months. Sad to see it go. Also, just thought this morning, that after 32 years this is the first time I have not had a van.



Deciding today to sell my van or not. Thought long enough and long and hard, so today is the day and it will ease my mind.

Costco Wrong

Back to business this week. First job this morning though is to return printer ink to a shop. They gave me the wrong selection of B&W and Colour. Unfortunately I opened before realising but the receipt specifies my correct choice.



Managed to install outside xmas lights late yesterday but the ones purchased last year, half are not working. Will have a go at repairing the fault today but not looking good.

Later today hoping to be back on the computer. Significant amount of work to do.


Deciding this morning whether to put up Christmas tree lights or will I get wrong of the powers of be. Naw, will put them up. At least have a start.


Hooray I've finished updating the eBay site, selling old gas stock I've collected over the years. Sold two items so far, so hopefully it will help someone. Better there than in the tip.

Not sure what to do next. Got so much to do it is becoming a headache.


I had to venture out this morning sol little time left for me to finish eBay store (gas related old stock) but should be finished by Friday.

Deja vue

Sorry for the delay in updating blog today. Yes, decided to continue today and finish uploading any redundant old stock I may have to eBay. Today pieces of Twin Wall Flue and a Flue Liner Kit. Old stuff so I doubt anyone will want it. We will see.

Flexible Flue Liner for sale.

Still working with eBay

Still uploading info and pics to eBay relating to old found stock I have accumulated over the years, rather than ending up in the bin. Should be finished by the end of day.

Work with ebay.

Busy with eBay at the moment. Taking photos of heating components and adding them to eBay account to sell on their store. Shame to stick them in the bin.


By the end of yesterday I managed to unload waste, consisting mainly of cardboard and household window units at the recycle centre, plus household metal scarp at the scrap merchant. Then as the day got dark empty the remainder of the van contents, mainly rubbish again, before tea and before I froze.

This morning I continued emptying the van for a time before dinner and deciding to finish for the day due to the cold. Now going to have a long 5 minutes and warm up.


Decided to get rid of van so today spent getting rid of rubbish then tidying it up.


Snow! Well that was not forecast last night for this morning. An inch or more has fallen and lying this morning here and very, very cold too.

New Month

The start of the last month of the year and it is frightening. Time passes so quickly now as I get older. Also feels like deja du as today we find the Covid outbreak, diminishing in the summer, is suspected to get frighteningly worse due to a new variant.

Weather warmer yesterday has felt colder this morning, forecast even colder tomorrow before a few degrees warmer on Friday. Now yesterday the forecast was for a warmer weekend but now it's the opposite with temperature not to increase above 5C all next week. Do they really know?

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