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Starting Back

After a few weeks of unfortunate, upsetting and personal news, today sees me slowly getting back into a regular routine. So, Hello World.

Quiet Times

Due to a family bereavement, the next two weeks will be a bit quiet of news updates.

Sad News

Due to a family bereavement, the next few days will be a bit quiet.


Unbelievable that this time next week it will be May! Nearly half the year gone.
Looking outside the weather looks pleasant in the sunshine but in reality the easterly breeze is strong making it feel cold. Does not effect the hedgehog, frequently seen during the night entering local gardens but possibly having trouble since no rain for a few days.

A continue of the tale

The beginning of the week saw a big increase in garden bird activity but the last two day has slowed in conjunction with a strong easterly cold breeze.

Odd week.

A quiet week continues due to unforeseen circumstances. Deciding to work at home rather than photographic walks. Maybe later though.

Photo Great Tit:



Slightly restricted in completing things at present due to issues at home.

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