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Problem again. When you've deleted something and you shouldn't have on the server. What's worse don't no what I deleted.

So a delay in finalising the Web Store is now in place. Hopefully finished ASAP.


A pleasant autumn day this morning, with a fresh breeze, fairly bright and importantly dry.

Hardwick Park was busy too as I forgot the schools are off. Geese noise was profound on the lake with numbers increasing as I walked nearby. Never witnessed in 30 years both the numbers and the activity these last few weeks.

Hradwick Park Elvet's Chair

Problem's, problem's.

Spent time all day today, at least till this minute, sorting out 2022 Calendar's rather than sorting Web Store out. Just when I was winning with the payment section software on my web store, I discover a printing error with the 2022 Sedgefield Calendar. So it's back to the printers to order a new batch. At least the 2022 Bird Calendars are ok and will be ready to purchase in the next few days.

Bird Calendar Cover


Decided to have a quick break from the computer first thing this morning, completing a walk to Hardwick and back. Fairly quiet as well outside, possibly due to the cold weather and grey skies.

AT the entrance to Hardwick Hotel, left of the main entrance and drive, notice a lot of fungi amongst the grass. Some where damaged, trodden on I suspect, but some impressive ones. Called Spooky Inkcap, common more down south. Picture below.

Web Store Next Stage

Today is the start of the final leg of my Web Store. Awkward till now, even more from today. It's the Payments Page today to sort out. Have dreaded this but will have a go. Wish me luck.

Web Work - cont.

After a morning out, taken up for personal reasons at Gateshead, back now continuing on designing and software work to be applied to web store. The date is still valid for all to be completed by the end of this weekend.

Weather not good here this afternoon. Decent morning but rain is falling made worse by a breeze and falling temperature. It is now Autumn now, so to be expected.


Still on with Web Store. On with the individual Calendar Photos for the store which is time consuming.

While at kitchen sink at midday, watched 7 goldfinches on feeders before a male sparrow hawk dived in. Luckily for the goldfinches they managed to fly off unharmed.For the next 25 minutes the sparrow hawk sat waiting before flying off empty handed.


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